Who Is Lil Nas X Son? IS Lil Nas X Have A Baby?

Lil Nas X Son is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill.

Lil X one of the most controversial musicians in recent years surprised his fan after getting reveals that has a baby son.

Netizens are curious to know about Lil Nas X Son. Who is Lil Nas X Son? IS Lil Nas X Have A Baby?

Who Is Lil Nas X Son?

The 23 years old rapper shared an image of a baby boy in his Instagram Stories.

The baby is around the age of one holding a giant wolf plush doll and was seated on a white marble dining table.

Who Is Lil Nas X Son?

When Lil Nas X reveal he has a son one person commented “Hold up! We need more info on this…”.

The second fan commented: “Biggest plot twist of 2022!” and another fan tweeted “Who’s the mother?”.

Lil shared a snapshot and wrote, “yes I have a son and I’m no longer gonna hide him from this cruel world!”

Who Is Lil Nas X Son?

IS Lil Nas X Have A Baby?

After the legend singer shared the news that Lil Nas X has a baby Fans are referring to the Star Walkin’ singer mocking Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album cover with his “baby bump” pics back in September 2021.

Who Is Lil Nas X Son?

The rapper announced that he was “pregnant” as he displayed his huge bump while promoting his new album Montero.

In Sep. 2022 Lil shared snapshots of the stuffed animal and tweeted: “Dad duties never stop.” and mentioned:

“Somebody just grabbed my son at Vogue Fashion World while I was performing.

“If you have him, please return him. This is a serious post. Please, I beg of you.”

In an episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen, Live Lil Nas X revealed his relationship status by saying that:

He said: “I don’t think I want any guy right now.

“I was seeing someone.

“Um, I kind of decided I didn’t want to anymore.”

On December 29, the singer posted an image of the baby, which is similar like a throwback image as the child looked much younger and the date on the image was “Sep 27, 2021.”

The rapper announced “That is his nephew. Please don’t take him seriously. 😭😭”

Who Is Lil Nas X Son?

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